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  • The Team[+]
    Our team began participating in FTC eight years ago after a few students graduated from the FLL program (a LEGO robotics program created by FIRST for middle school students) naturally wanted to keep building robots! Since then, the team has competed internationally, from California to Australia to China, and won top awards at the BC, Alberta, and Washington State Championships.

    Unfortunately, for the past 6 years, FIRST robotics hasn’t been very widespread in BC. In fact, we were the only FTC team in the province! Obviously, we had to fix this. We hosted tutorial workshops on LEGO robotics to get middle school students interested in FLL and, hopefully, graduate into FTC teams. Because of our (and many other people’s) efforts, last year saw BC’s first FLL competition in 3 years!

    The time was right for us to begin contacting local high schools to increase interest in FTC. We’re proud to say that, this year, seven new FTC teams were started! To encourage these teams, we hosted robotics workshops in September and October. Our goal was to get them building the best robots they could. In December, five of the new teams joined us for a Scrimmage. In February, all the new teams showed up to BC’s first FTC competition in 5 years with amazing robots!

    If you want to find out more about our team, see the other pages of this website.
  • What is FIRST® & FIRST Tech Challenge?[+]
    FIRST Tech Challenge, or FTC, is a program designed by FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology—an organization dedicated to getting students involved with STEM) to help students learn how to design, build, and program robots. Every September, a new “challenge” is released for the teams to work on for the next 5-8 months. This season, for example, we are building robots that must autonomously navigate to beacons of light, shoot wiffle balls, and lift an exercise ball 1.4 metres (~ 4.2 ft) up. FTC teams then compete at tournaments, qualifying for higher and higher level competitions until they hopefully reach the World’s Championship!

    But FTC is more than just robots. We’re also encouraged to be active in our local community, to visit the tech companies in our area and spread awareness of STEM to the public. Whether it be public-speaking skills at a tutorial workshop or leadership skills as a counsellor at a robotics summer camp, students in FTC learn all kinds of skills, even besides building robots.
    To find out more about this year's game, watch the game video:
  • Our robot this year—Fermion[+]
    Our robot this season is “Fermion”, named after the “particles” (wiffle balls) in this year’s game. Fermion is an awesome robot (although we may be a little biased…). With its mecanum wheels, it can drive forwards, sideways, even diagonally! Fermion also has protective covering over its electronics that hinges outward to make maintenance much easier. On Fermion’s right side, it has a powerful sliding mechanism that can lift up to 1.4 metres ( ~ 4.2 ft). In Fermion’s centre rests a spring-powered particle shooter that can shoot particles over 2.4 metres in the air (unfortunately, we’re only allowed to shoot 2 metres…)!
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  • Our finances this year[+]
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  • Join our sponsors[+]
    Sponsors make it possible for the team members to spend more time designing and building the robot and less time on fund raising.

    The FIX IT team is happy to work with a sponsor to find ways to feature your logo on the robot itself and the team website. If you provide us with badge or patch, we can add it to our team apparel. There may even be opportunities to bring our robot to your local events.

    A sponsor relationship also provides exposure for your company to some talented future engineers.

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    You'll have our thanks!

    - Alec, Helen, Guy, Aila, & Ben
  • Sponsorship tiers & perks[+]

    $10 CAD

    Thanks for your support! A donation this size gets your name on our list of "supporters" page at our team station at the tournament!

    $50 CAD

    We'll send you a Thank You letter with robot stickers! This perk also receives all perks from lower levels of donation.
    $100 CAD

    Your name (or company's name) will go onto our posters at our team's station! This perk also receives all perks from lower levels of donation.
    $250 CAD

    We'll place your name (or company's name) on our website amongst our list of sponsors! This level of donation also gets all the perks from lower levels.

    $500 CAD

    With a donation of $500, we'll put your name (or company's name) on our robot! While performing in a match, our robot, Fermion, is recorded and watched by a large audience. This level of donation also receives all the perks from lower levels.
    $750 CAD

    For a donation of $750 or higher, the FIX IT team will hand out items (e.g. business cards, brochures, handouts) from your company to everyone at the competition! With over 128 teams attending the tournament from all over the world, you can be sure that your company's name will be advertised! This level of donation also receives all the perks from lower levels.

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